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Protect your Family's Future with an Estate Plan

Posted by Anthony Senerchia Jr. | Mar 23, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Law offices of Senerchia & Sheehan can help protect your family's future with an estate plan.

Estate planning is a process allowing you to arrange how you want your assets to be managed and distributed upon your death. At Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan, we believe informed clients make the best decisions about their estate plans. That's why we want to break down complex terms and clarify confusing principles so that you make the right choices for your estate, too.

Protect your loved ones with a last Will and Testament.

The Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan can help you establish a last will and testament. A last will and testament, which is a legal document, expresses a person's last desires with regard to their property.

It offers detailed guidelines on how to handle their belongings. If the deceased leaves them to someone else, a group, or desires to donate them to a charity, it will say so.

Furthermore, dependents, account management, and financial interests can all be addressed in a last will and testament.

Living will (advance healthcare directive)

The Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan can help you establish a living will. In the event that you are unable to communicate for yourself, this written document instructs your healthcare providers as to who should speak for you and what medical decisions they should make.

If you fall unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate your wishes, this information will be crucial.

Medical Power of Attorney

The Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan can help you establish a medical power of attorney. A medical power of attorney, also known as a healthcare power of attorney, is a legal document that allows you to legally empower someone to make crucial decisions regarding your medical treatment.

These choices could involve a variety of alternatives for therapy, medicine, surgery, end-of-life care, and more. Your healthcare agent or proxy is the person you specify in your POA as having the authority to make these decisions.

Revocable Living Trust

The Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan can help you establish a revocable living trust. Any trust that you establish throughout your lifetime is referred to as a "living trust" in most cases.

A living trust might assist you in managing your finances or safeguard you in the event that you experience illness, disability, or just the signs of aging.

Financial Power of Attorney

The Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan can help you elect A financial power of attorney. This will  allows you to choose someone to manage your money and property on your behalf. These duties could involve handling your insurance benefits, paying bills, depositing money in the bank, and more.

Your agent  is the person you designate under your power of attorney to act on your behalf.

Succession Plan for Business

The Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan can help put together a plan for who will own or administer your company whenever you retire, become disabled, or pass away.

Simply put, succession planning is the procedure for handing over management of the company to others.

Charitable Giving

The Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan can help with incorporating charitable giving into your estate plan. Making a gift in your will or revocable trust is a very easy and straightforward approach to ensure that charity receives money after your death.

A bequest is a clause in your will or trust that specifies the amount you want to give to charity, names the organization to which you want to give it, and specifies the reason you want the money to be used.

If you are interested in learning more about working with the Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan on your Estate Plan, reach our offices today! 

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The Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan and a family-owned company with a mission of putting families first. We take great pride in being able to assist members of our community get back to a stress-free life. 

Disclaimers: This article is used for reference only and not intended to be legal advice. If you are looking for Legal counsel, please call our firm today!

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