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Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Posted by Anthony Senerchia Jr. | Apr 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

A lot of small businesses are unaware that they need to plan ahead for mergers and acquisitions. While some businesses are grown organically, most business owners will experience the thrill of a merger or acquisition in their lifetime. An M&A attorney is a very specialized kind of business lawyer who is trained to handle transactions between two corporations or individuals that involve stock, assets, or intellectual property.

Mergers and acquisitions of small businesses is a major area of business law. Small businesses are often sold or merged with other companies because they can't compete with larger competitors.

A merger is when two or more companies combine to form one new company. An acquisition is when one company buys another company.

When a merger or acquisition occurs, it's important to understand the legal aspects of the transaction. For example, you may need to get approval from shareholders before going ahead with the deal; otherwise you could be sued if your actions harm them in some way.

What do M&A attorneys do?

  • Create a "road map" for the customer that details the entire process and includes a deadline.
  • Advises on business and negotiating strategies.
  • Investigate the opposition with diligence.
  • Determine the tax effects and whether they call for special structuring with the assistance of tax attorneys.
  • Work with antitrust lawyers to identify regulatory barriers, win regulatory approval, and examine any additional regulatory approvals that may be necessary.
  • Obtain the agreement of lenders or parties to other contracts as a third party.
  • Define the client's corporate goals.
  • Obtain the agreement of lenders or parties to other contracts as a third party.
  • A contract is closed after agreement has been reached, signed, and made public.
  • The target's attorneys determine whether to engage in negotiations, reject the buyer's offers, sell, or strike a deal with another business.

You may also need to incorporate new companies into your existing business structure, which means hiring an attorney who specializes in corporate law and business law to help you out with these details

There are many legal documents to finalize when a business is being transferred from one owner to another. If you are working with a sale of your business, contact The Law Offices of Senerchia & Sheehan sooner rather than later to help with the transfer of ownership and make sure everything is done correctly and in order.

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